2018 QubicaAMF PWBA Players Championship – Match Play Round 1

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Watch the first round of match play at the 2018 QubicaAMF PWBA Players Championship. The top 18 players who advanced to match play will bowl the first of two nine-game blocks with bonus pins.

Match Play Round 1 Results:

Round 2 Results:

Round 1 Results:

Match Play Schedule:

Lane Condition:

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5 Comments on “2018 QubicaAMF PWBA Players Championship – Match Play Round 1”

  1. How do they do very well on their hooking positions? Yesterday, at Plaza Lanes I did good hooking on frames and my average 174 went up to 179.

  2. I don’t know why they are pronouncing Pamela Alvarez’s first name incorrectly!! pamEla it’s an E not an A after the M

  3. “Presented by Quibica/AMF”. Well, at least they covered up the Brunswick branding. How embarrassing.

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