2018 State Farm CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational

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The 2018 State Farm CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational features Chris Paul, James Harden, Terrell Owens, Trevor Ariza, Mookie Betts, Oscar Nunez, Pete Weber, Norm Duke, Bill O'Neill, EJ Tackett, Sean Rash, D.J. Archer and more.

Originally aired Sunday, February 4 on ESPN from AMF Bowlero in Houston, Texas.

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59 Comments on “2018 State Farm CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational”

    1. learn to behave you kid. I didn’t insult you in the first place right? So where was the reason of calling me out?! All of the houses including mine will kick people out if they don’t wear bowling shoes. End of story. That’s a fact and i work in that business for a long time now. Tennis shoes are not allowed – atleast not in any house i know.

    2. @Carl Viloria chances are, its a synthetic approach… those aren’t going to get damaged as long as the shoes are clean. USBC rules actually allow you to wear street shoes as long as you ONLY wear them on the lanes. They probably got new shoes for this event.

    3. I know how much my bowling shoes cost when I bought them, and I bought shoes on clearance at a pro shop. I can imagine with their foot sizes that those shoes would have to be customized, and considering how not often the nonbowlers bowl, paying $400-500+ for shoes worn once is not cost effective.

    1. I thought the same thing and also about the shoes. The commentator said it best “it’s not how but how many” 😂

  1. I’d beat all these scrubs with a perfect game. Don’t believe me? I got Wii Sports to prove it!

    1. Mostly because the actual PBA tournaments are very seriously but with this all they do is have fun which makes it very enjoyable

  2. I hated Chris Paul for a while but when he came here he has def contributed tons for the city that has been unnoticed. Seems like a great dude

  3. So Tackett says to James Harden, “Making a spare is like playing defense. I’m sorry, I forgot you don’t play defense.”

  4. CHRIS!? Why you wait soooo long to get adult braces? Ida got that the first money I got! Hell Ida got that with that recruit money. James you too….

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