2018 U.S. Amateur stepladder/Team USA 2018 announcement

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Watch the stepladder finals of the 2018 U.S. Amateur from The Orleans in Las Vegas. The announcement of Team USA and Junior Team USA 2018 will immediately follow the stepladder.

Women's overall:

Women's U.S. Amateur:

Men's overall:

Men's U.S. Amateur:

For more information, visit BOWL.com/TeamUSATrials.

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20 Comments on “2018 U.S. Amateur stepladder/Team USA 2018 announcement”

  1. Iโ€™ve bowled against Brent Boho for a couple of years now and heโ€™s the real deal. Such a great player

    1. @Craig Laycox First of all stop lying, I never posted anything about drugs, and how can you even say anything when you don’t even have not 1 post? Ok, I’m really done now troll, if you reply again, please dm me your phone number so we can talk and not type.

    2. @Craig Laycox Ju
      st for my subs to know, i went to my channel and typed in wht you said about drugs and this is what came up.This channel has no content that matched “all the drugs i ever done.”

    1. Some people have their own unique style and approach to bowling. It’s like a baseball player and their batting stance. There’s a lot of different ones out there, but obviously it works for them..There are literally two-handed PRO bowlers! And you are literally an idiot

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