2018 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Finals

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Watch the championship round (stepladder finals) of the 2018 USBC Senior Masters at the Sam's Town Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

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14 Comments on “2018 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Finals”

  1. For me it was a tremendous tournament seeing Christ dominating the all the way ! I was so sure Norm Duke was going to win the Championship he finished so strong going into the finals ! Next time?

    1. i think he needed to miss wide if he was gonna miss because he already went thru the nose on that lane in game 1. Not sure why he pulled that shot in that frame as he is usually very clutch.
      I was pulling for Chris the way he was rolling….255 average for 5 games is incredible on TV.

  2. I cant believe Norm left that. That kind of split is usually left by the high rev guys not the down and inners like norm. He took it like a man when finally digested it. Great sportsman.

    1. A lot of high performance snappy bowling balls will leave it. I’ve even seen a urethane take off sharp enough to get the same 4, more than once.

  3. Not a Norm Duke thing to do but just wonder weather he did it for a mate that hasn’t won for a while. Share the love to say lol

    1. you should watch Norm doing this in multiple other events. he has done
      this before! things just happen. does not make him any less of a man.

  4. Chris Warren is truly one of the greatest bowlers of all-time. 6 PBA titles ( 1 major -1990 PBA Masters) and 1 PBA50 major title. Plus he has won close to 50 PBA regional titles closing in on Pete Weber’s record.

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