35 Comments on “2019 Bowling – PBA Bowling Indianapolis Open Final – Norm Duke VS. Jason Belmonte”

    1. Austin Atkinson Dont look at the comments before watching the video… Do you expect people to not talk about what happens???

    2. @Yoshisaur Exactly! I had someone threaten to report me if I wrote a spoiler. 🤦‍♂️ Like you said don’t read the comments before the video!

  1. ノームのボウリングは本当に素晴らしい

  2. Norm is one of the greats. He had lots of revs when he was young. I am very impressed of him changing strategies on how he bowls now, 10 to 7 to 18. Way to go Norm.

  3. Won of the greatest match ups in bowling in my opinion. Legend vs legend, new school vs old school, old vs young. This will go down as one of the best matches of all time. Respect to both bowlers.

  4. norm spent countless hours in the wind tunnel and had ear corrective surgery to enhance an already stellar style…..dukkkkkeeeee !!!!

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