33 Comments on “2019 Bowling – PBA Bowling Jonesboro Open Final – Norm Duke VS. Anthony Simonsen”

  1. 음… 너무 존경해서 몸이 말을 안들었나.. 너무다른모습이 전력을 다하지 않는 느낌

    1. 저분 이름이 놈 듀크인데요 투구 후 야유처럼 들리는 소리는 그의 이름을 부르는 (듀우우우우우우크) 일종의 응원이랍니다

  2. It’s great to see Norm still bowling and winning!
    I’d still love to see some of the older players (Walter Ray, Brian Voss, Rick Steelsmith, etc) again, but I doubt it.

  3. 0:04 Anthony seems to be adjusting his ball way too much just before the throw. Would that cause him to miss?

    1. Captain Ricco not typically. i do the same thing and the ball gets to your comfort somewhere during ur form

  4. 1:04 I think that 1-pin needs to see the doctor in the blue tent for a minute… concussion protocol. That pin was blasted into the sideboard and thrust upon the 4-pin, what a ride! need cameras mounted on the pins.

  5. Why those Anthony simonsen look like if Jason belmonte decided to go for a PewDiePie look and a mrbeast look

  6. Norm Duke showing Anthony who’s the big dawg in the PBA lol. Great bowling from both Norm and Anthony! Anthony is a future star in the PBA.

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