2019 Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational

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Originally aired February 3, 2019 on Fox.

Featuring celebrities Chris Paul, Terrell Owens, Aric Almirola, Mookie Betts, William Jackson III, PJ Tucker, Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans and JJ Watt.

PBA pros include Sean Rash, Andrew Anderson, EJ Tackett, Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Chris Barnes, Jason Belmonte, Tommy Jones and Kyle Troup featuring a special appearance in the celebrity clash by PWBA player Gazmine "GG" Mason.

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34 Comments on “2019 Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational”

  1. For a second I thought this was on the channel twice. This is very old & late (5 months at least)

  2. Mookie sincerely enjoyed that and that was awesome to see he’s smile…well done! And Cryspin…for him to release the 2 handed shot as well as he did assumingely for the first time- was impressive as that’s not easy!

  3. I felt so bad for Andrew Anderson he was probably thinking oh God I’m gonna lose why did I have to get stuck with someone who can barely keep the ball on the lane 😂

    1. @Martin Khoe yeah they should’ve just told her hey you can’t wear those and if you have a problem with that then you can’t bowl the reason that you have to wear bowling shoes is because of the friction on the lane because you’re supposed to slide a little bit when you throw the ball and if you don’t slide then your gonna stick and most likely fall and hurt yourself and not to mention cross the foul line honestly I’m surprised that Angela didn’t fall even once

    2. @Bowling Boi tbh i don’t know how they do it, but angela’s not the only one.. there are thousands of casual bowlers who don’t slide (even with bowling shoes) but yet they don’t stick and fall over.. and i don’t know if you have seen any, but i’ve seen people bowl in dresses, long skirts that go all the way to the floor, short skirts where you can somehow see their underwear when they bowl, and all types of weird outfit, yet they seem oblivion to the surroundings, and they somehow manage not to fall over

    3. @Bowling Boi and about angela, i pity the owner of the centre.. i’m sure some of the wood on the approach would have to be replaced because of being destroyed by her heels

    1. @Andy Tablas what kind of rule is that? If somebody is best, then he’s best.. NO exceptions.. and you already mentioned 1 who’s better.. so i don’t need to add other names to it.. LOL

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