2019 CP3 Celebrity Invitational Mini Clash – Full Version

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Prior to the 2019 CP3 Celebrity Invitational, a Mini Clash was held to determine the final participant in the Celebrity Clash. Featuring reigning Teen Masters champions Tom Hankey Jr. and Jenna Williams, Parker Bohn III's sons Justin and Brandon Bohn, PWBA Tour rookie Gazmine Mason and PBA Tour champion D.J. Archer.

This was taped prior to the show and is presented commentary-free in its entirety.

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33 Comments on “2019 CP3 Celebrity Invitational Mini Clash – Full Version”

    1. The Legendary E was right, she’s 23. Don’t forget that E.J. Tackett is 26 right now, but he has 12 titles already

  1. first girl ran the show..well done, front 5 on her first televised event? shoulda let her attempt the televised 300 and if she did it give her the 10k for her college fund

    1. silverback1017 I’m not sure. She’s bowled for them for the past couple years but idk what year she is

  2. Just imagine being the only grown adult pro bowler get beat by teenagers😂😂

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