2019 FloBowling PBA ATX Invite

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Every match from the 2019 FloBowling PBA ATX Invite.

5:09 – Sean Rash vs. Tommy Jones
27:15 – Jason Sterner vs. AJ Johnson
45:12 – EJ Tackett vs. Kyle Sherman
1:10:15 – Anthony Simonsen vs. Bill O'Neill
1:28:16 – Semifinal Match 1
1:47:27 – Semifinal Match 2
2:06:18 – Championship Match

Originally streamed live on FloBowling September 21, 2019 from Dart Bowl in Austin, Texas.

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21 Comments on “2019 FloBowling PBA ATX Invite”

    1. The other half insisted on standing behind the cameras because it was a better view of the action.

  1. 2:18:43 I laughed when the crowed trolled bill when he got a strike first shot of the 10 frame against sterner
    *bill looks back in disgust*

  2. RIP Dart Bowl, another casualty of the COVID pandemic. Closed its doors for good on July 17.

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