2019 Go Bowling PBA Indianapolis Open Stepladder Finals

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Norm Duke, Jason Belmonte, Tom Daugherty, Wes Malott, Rhino Page.

Originally aired live on FS1 on February 24, 2019 from Royal Pin Woodland in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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24 Comments on “2019 Go Bowling PBA Indianapolis Open Stepladder Finals”

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  1. I like when the games are close…it was interesting to see too how these two lanes were getting to so many good bowlers. Congrats on a much deserved win!

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  3. Hold it right there Dave Lamont. Go to 1:23 with the “Afro” & is that “bowling planet” himself for the first time? 😉

  4. I enjoy this video because my favorite bowler Norm Duke wins the one thing I don’t like is that there way too many ads

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