2019 PBA Bowling Indianapolis Open – Final Match

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Hall of Famer Norm Duke Wins 39th Career Title in 2019 PBA Indianapolis Open last Sunday 24th of February 2019.

A month shy of his 55th birthday, PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke of Clermont, Fla., defeated top qualifier Jason Belmonte of Australia, 237-219, to win his 39th PBA Tour title in the Go Bowling! PBA Indianapolis Open Sunday at Woodland Bowl.

Duke earned his trip to the title match with a 214-195 victory over his two-time Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship partner, Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, when Malott left a solid 10 pin on his first shot in the 10th frame.

Duke, who hadn’t won a singles title since the 2012 PBA Dick Weber Playoffs – also at Woodland Bowl – said he knew he’d win again. His doubles win with Malott in 2015 also was at Woodland, where he now has had more success than any other PBA player.

Duke immediately turned to Belmonte, who led the stepladder qualifiers by nearly 400 pins, and said, “We’ve been watching you dominate us, and we know it hurts to lose. We’ve all been through it enough, but I’ll never forget this as long as I live.”

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27 Comments on “2019 PBA Bowling Indianapolis Open – Final Match”

  1. Norm is such a phenomenal bowler. I bowl on a league and I always look up to him. He fought really hard against Belmonte and took the victory. He truly deserved it . We love you Norm. Keep on bowling

    1. I watched this back in 2019 while on a fitness center treadmill. Norm’s 7th frame strike really got to me, fist-pumping and yelling while jogging on the mill. I’m sure some people there were startled by my reaction, but I was really into the match and just felt so happy for Norm. We’re of the same generation — and I throw the same ball… although that’s as far as the resemblance goes. 😊

  2. One of the old GOATs going against one of the new GOATs, doesn’t get any better. Two completely different styles that provided each success. Truthfully one of the things that makes bowling the best sport out there, if you are good, can repeat what you do time after time, and have the ability to adjust, well you can be among the best. There is no one way is better than the other here.

  3. 100% class all the way! He just beats the best in the world, keeps his emotions under wraps, CONVERTS a lousy break 4-9 and solid 9 to win…THEN first words out of his mouth is to pay major respect to Jason Belmonte? If Norm Duke were a company, people would have been rushing out to buy stock in him for those heartfelt words and that kind of stellar performance.

    The quote is “everybody loves a winner.” Who does NOT love Norm just for his words to Jason? Made me tear up.

    This should go into every uber-serious bowling fans archives. It’s in mine already.

  4. I hadn’t watched bowling for a while and now I’m catching up. YES! Norm; my favorite bowler of all time can still hang with the young ones. Great match! The last 3 frames had my heart pounding!

  5. Love watching Norm Duke. proof speed speed and revs aren’t everything. I’m a down and in bowler myself and seeing Duke play like this when seemingly most pros are cranking them down the lane really gives me hope.

  6. Hard to believe that I thought of Norm Duke being the underdog in this match. I didn’t check the results before watching and was sure that Belmo would win this while Duke would put in a valiant effort. How wrong was I?

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