2019 PBA Hall of Fame Classic Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2019 PBA Hall of Fame classic feature Jakob Butturff, Jason Belmonte, Bill O'Neill, Jesper Svensson and Rhino Page.

Originally aired live on FS1 January 6, 2019 from the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas.

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22 Comments on “2019 PBA Hall of Fame Classic Stepladder Finals”

  1. Way to go Billy O been awhile since you held up the hardware hall of fame here you come congrats #teamhammer🔨🎳

  2. It’s amazing how much bowling is a mental game. When I play every Friday, even though its for fun and not in an actual competition I have to concentrate. The smallest things can change your game and you start missing. I have to reset myself, concentrate, breathe, and mentally think about my approach and release. Once I’m back in the groove i can ‘feel’ the strikes and run with it. Congrats to these guys as they have to do this collectively on television in front of millions…sponsors…and family all watching every single shot, every single miss. Congrats to O’Neil, I could tell that was very emotional for him!

    1. @Pack Gondor true…I’d say thousands at least from TV, but over time on YouTube and social media it would add up. We’ll settle for 18,237… I think thas a fair compromise from ‘millions’ ^_^

  3. When the foul light was going off on the practice pair Randy said there was a quick delay. How do you have a quick delay?

  4. 4:29 died of laughter time!
    24:24 1-3-7-9 conversion
    25:40 needs 2 strikes and 1 pin.
    39:02 Deadwood
    1:24:37 needs 4 pins

  5. 4:23 – The Brunswick GSX Pinsetter sets up the 7 10 split on Lane 5 for Rhino Page.
    20:30 – Perfect shot by Jesper Svensson on Lane 5.
    26:04 – Rhino Page goes high flush and leaves the stone 8 pin on Lane 6 which cost him the match.
    53:24 – Jason Belmonte almost got three pins.
    1:13:50 – Bill O’Neill leaves the 7 10 split!

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