2019 PBA League Semifinals – NYC vs. L.A., Portland vs. Dallas

The 2019 PBA League semifinals feature:

New York City Kingpins vs. L.A. X
Portland Lumberjacks vs. Dallas Strikers

Originally aired live on FS1 July 17, 2019 from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

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28 Comments on “2019 PBA League Semifinals – NYC vs. L.A., Portland vs. Dallas”

  1. If you dont like these matches then you dont like bowling plain and simple. doesnt get any better than that especially with the rolloff guesses by randy and dave. Fantastic show!!!

  2. Can anyone comment as to what makes a soft or hard pin left? I believe about 1:25:10 Miller leaves a 4 pin and the commentator calls it soft

    1. Kevin Henretty Soft pin means no pins flew by it or touched it. A hard leave is when I pin goes right by or touches another pin.

    1. Not really, you just have to look professional on the job and Kimberly Pressler is as
      professional as a sideline reporter gets.

  3. If I was bowling like this, Kimberly Pressler would’ve interviewed me because she looks better every time we see her on the job.

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