2019 PBA Scorpion Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB X)

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Featuring B.J. Moore, Kris Prather, Kyle Troup and Bill O'Neill. Originally aired live on FS1 March 20, 2019 from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan.

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23 Comments on “2019 PBA Scorpion Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB X)”

  1. i dont need to know the score constantly. maybe after each shot if you want. but the graphics are blocking alot of shots

    1. Dunno if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hack enjoy!

  2. The wooden ring generally poke because sauce timely tick down a good war. hilarious, upset thunderstorm

  3. One of these days, I am going to compose a list of what I dislike about Randy Pedersen. I think I am up to 27 reasons already lmao

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