2019 PBA Wilmington Open Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2019 PBA Wilmington Open feature Sean Rash, B.J. Moore, Marshall Kent and Andrew Anderson.

Originally streamed live on FloBowling August 14, 2019 from Ten Pin Alley in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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23 Comments on “2019 PBA Wilmington Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. Chris Barns commentary is Godlike. I always stop what in doing to watch a Chris Barns commentary you always learn something

  2. This bowling center is awesome. Need more events here!

    Also, can we get Barnes to do more commentary? The guy is a natural.

    1. Well my bad gosh even though I did it once I found out myself from the people in the comments below who mentioned who won πŸ’―

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