2019 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB X)

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Featuring Jason Belmonte, Matt McNiel, Bill O'Neill, Jakob Butturff and B.J. Moore.

Originally aired live on FS1 March 21, 2019 from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan.

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37 Comments on “2019 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB X)”

    1. Chong Jun Sen what should’ve happened is respotting pins as they were. Butteruff got screwed there and took it on the chin. I have to assume he couldn’t challenge that spot cause it was wayyyy off how he actually left the deck

    2. Zane Ngo That’s happen to me before on a AMF 70 machine I think.
      My 7 pins hits something and it replaces the 9 pin (Have no idea how that’s happen) and the machine detects a strike

    3. @王兆成 The 6 pin was out of range but could still be picked up, but the 5 pin was to off spot to be picked up. I thought it would be hand placed but obviously not. I think because it was swept off it had to be put back as a normal 5 pin, if the pindeck had hit it and then lifted the sweep without clearing how 82-90s do then the deadwood could be cleared.

  1. People can hate on Belmonte all they want but, they can’t deny that he has changed bowling forever and has made history, once again.

    1. ChrisP Bacon I know how to do it but I would never in a league the power comes with a mixture of how hard u throw plus revs but consistency is a big problem

  2. Does McNiel bowl two finger on his spares? Looked like middle finger and thumb. I got to try it now. lol

    1. @Nintendo Bowler Could you say what Randy said that these unique approaches to the lane result in such unique pin carry?

  3. He’s modified the release which is great to get more revs now he’s captured another level in bowling another class. Just like when a baseball pitcher uses rozen on the baseball but that’s not allowed but he can throw the ball better. Now there should be two divisions single hand bowlers and double handed bowlers ……maybe? Lol

  4. 1:01:55 Oh my god! The 5 pin is off spot and couldn’t pick it up but the 6 pin are off spot but they picked it up

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