2019 PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2019 PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open feature Lennie Boresch Jr., Eugene McCune, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ron Mohr and Brian LeClair.

Originally streamed live on FloBowling July 28, 2019 from Spectrum Lanes in Wyoming, Michigan.

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30 Comments on “2019 PBA50 Spectrum Lanes Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. I bowled the PBA pro-am back in 1995 and took 3ed place! In the 15 under class. My most fond moment in this center.

  2. Thought i wouldnt hear that banshee fancy in the back. I would hate to sit beside her. Earplugs wont even help. Tell her to shut up

    1. Tom Carter’s use of “you know” is also irritating. It becomes prevalent when he’s off script and searching for what he wants to express but continues to use fillers instead of handing off the microphone to his cohost, then organize his thought so there’s fluidity.

    2. @Ian Elgar I love Walter Ray and I want to see him bowl. I just want HER to be suspended. She can scream for his every shot from the comfort of her own home and spare all of us viewers from that nightmare-inducing screech.

  3. There’s three ways to put your hands in a bowling ball:
    1. Fingers then thumb
    2. Thumb then fingers
    3. Fingers no thumb

    1. Well I would only disagree with your #2 pick, “Thumb then fingers” I believe would be a better choice. Yes I know the affliction, it’s called spell check, even when you type in the word you want spell check may try a different word because the artificial intelligence believes it’s not “grammatically” correct.
      Thanks for the post.

  4. He wasn’t going at a 280 pace lol these announcers are awful this guy is a bowler n still doesn’t know..n talk about getting robbed of a title 🤢 🤮

    1. I see you are an expert viewer. I don’t feel safe with 3 seconds. I wait until well after the pins have all gone down before I feel comfortable putting the volume back up.

  5. I noticed Voss and Walter Ray now have an armswing further away from their body. Is that an age-related adjustment or just something to deal with other changes in conditions?

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