2019 U.S. Amateur Stepladder Finals/Team USA Announcement

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Watch the stepladder finals of the 2019 U.S. Amateur taking place at Gold Coast in Las Vegas live on #BowlTV. #TeamUSATrials

No. 2 Julia Bond vs. No. 3 Mabel Cummins
Winner will face No. 1 Breanna Clemmer

No. 2 Wesley Low vs. No. 3 Solmon Salama
Winner will face No. 1 John Janawicz

Immediately following the stepladder finals, Team USA and Junior Team USA 2019 will be announced live on the broadcast.

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8 Comments on “2019 U.S. Amateur Stepladder Finals/Team USA Announcement”

  1. First year I’ve watched this tournament. Great week, great bowling – intense – got addicted to it. Thanks to the commentators.

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