2019 USBC Team USA Trials – Round 1 (Men)

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Watch the opening round of men's competition at the 2019 USBC Team USA Trials from Gold Coast in Las Vegas live on #BowlTV.

For more information, visit BOWL.com/TeamUSATrials.

Men Day 1 Results:

Men Day 1 Lane Condition:

Live Scoring:

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7 Comments on “2019 USBC Team USA Trials – Round 1 (Men)”

  1. 156
    My best out of 14 games on this pattern. My average was 121. Pathetic!!! Okay. so I’m far from even amateur status but I will keep bowling on this pattern until I get to at least 197 so I could qualify in the top 100 (at the bottom). I could easily get into the 200’s if I just covered some more of the 9’s and 8’s and 7’s that plague my bowling. Oh well, I guess that’s what they invented house-shot for. So the rest of us could feel great when we get a hambone or 5 in a row. I get giddy when I throw 6 in a row!!! 🙂

  2. 191
    best of 10 today on Team Trials oil. It’s an improvement, and I can actually feel my game getting better the more I practice, imagine that. Another game was 187 and I came away with a 149 average. Not bad considering it’s only my second time on this pattern. I will try again tomorrow if I can’t get the Cheetah pattern. I’ve still got some ways to go before I’m ready for next year’s trials, but I think I can make it there with at least a 240 average by then.

  3. Are the cameras for the live feed going to stay in the exact spot all day? I am trying to see lane 39/40

  4. Screens not as good as 2018 very hard to read and cannot see the players score when finished shame really ruins what should be great viewing

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