2019 World Bowling Tour Finals

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Originally aired on FS1 March 9, 2019 from the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas.

Featuring Danielle McEwan, Daria Pajak, Liz Johnson, EJ Tackett, Anthony Simonsen and Stu Williams.

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54 Comments on “2019 World Bowling Tour Finals”

  1. If Daria can improve her spare shooting, she’ll be dangerous. Her game is so enjoyable to watch though, and she seems like such a nice person.

    1. @Tony Barber I’ve been on her Instagram a long time. She has mentioned many times that her spare game isn’t what she wants it to be.

    1. See this is problem, when I was in a bowling league in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Trust me you wouldn’t want to click those bowling girls with your friend’s clicker. NOW THEY GET HOT

    1. @Jasmine Hall – Heard from many people that watching BOWLING on TV was about as interesting as that, or watching paint dry, or watching a chess match — DEFINITELY a FAR cry from decades ago…

    2. steven mckay alright? people can have opinions on what they like to watch just like I have mine about curling.

  2. My 2 favorite things: Simonsen’s backup ball and Liz Johnson’s coffee and donuts bowling shirt. 😀

    1. My wife is Polish. I like to joke that, “Once you go Slav, you’ll be glad that you have”. They are all just so lovely, highly recommended 😉

    1. I mean, I did, but I already know some of the names and faces featured and just wanted to watch the matches.

    1. @awefawef awefawef ah come on, nothing better than the male testosterone, and y’all being attracted to us 😉

    2. @awefawef awefawef This is a ridiculous thing to say. You are making judgments on men as a whole based on the actions of a few individuals. Most men have never started a war, and most are not rapists. This is like me saying “women are baby killers because some have had abortions”. Plus, I think Ron Garcia was making a joke.

  3. I started watching these because i was recommended this by youtube and i saw the thumbnail of danielle. Well worth the watch these ladies are very good at bowling and easy on the eyes.

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