2020 Mark Roth Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2020 Mark Roth Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship feature Jesper Svensson & Kyle Troup, EJ Tackett & Marshall Kent, Kris Prather & Andrew Anderson, Jakob Butturff & Osku Palermaa, Anthony Simonsen & Dom Barrett.

Originally aired on FS1 March 7, 2020 from Royal Pin Woodland in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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27 Comments on “2020 Mark Roth Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship Stepladder Finals”

  1. Is it just me or is it that everytime I watch Marshall Kent Bowl on TV he takes a monumental poop and splits the banana like an experienced ice cream Scooper serving his world famous Vanilla Strawberry Banana Split

  2. If you pause it at 52:31 you can see just how incredibly close Tackett’s ball missed the 9 pin by. Oh my god that was so close.

  3. Thanks, I liked him as well. I’m no longer able to bowl but I have many memories of league bowling and tournaments. It was a great time.

  4. 11:23

    Randy: Dom Barrett using Results, Looking for Results
    Rob: And finding results !

    Me: Now that’s Radical !

  5. Fun fact: Osku and Barret play in the same team in the Swedish league, same team as Jesper Svensson and Martin Larsen. Even Jason Belmonte played in this team 🙂

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