2020 PBA Clash

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The 2020 PBA on FOX season begins with the 2020 PBA Clash, featuring the top eight money earners over the 2019 season: Jason Belmonte, Jakob Butturff, Bill O'Neill, Kris Prather, EJ Tackett, Anthony Simonsen, Sean Rash and Norm Duke.

Originally aired on FOX November 3, 2019 from Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, Florida.

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22 Comments on “2020 PBA Clash”

  1. “I let you buy a house. I’m done with you. How many times I got to help you out.” Bill O’neil to Kris Prather

  2. “You can see Norm Duke switching to the green ball he was using to the red one.”

    -Randy Peterson 2019

  3. Hey, I’m on track to make it to sectionals but my Arsenal has quickly diminished within the past couple weeks and I don’t have the funding to get a new ball let alone a new Arsenal.

  4. PBA & its competitors have done a REALLY good job of making the sport of bowling exciting to watch. Hope to see it in the olympics soon!

  5. Sure nice to see but l would to see some of old. Guy great what they would do today everything. Is more advance

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