2020 PBA Hall of Fame Classic Highlights

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29 Comments on “2020 PBA Hall of Fame Classic Highlights”

  1. The thing with the five pin was when someone leaves a 5 pin, everyone puts their hand up and if they miss it, then that person buys everyone with their hand up a drink

    1. I would do that just for fun but we can’t buy drinks cause we Youth Bowlers never drink beer and the Snack Bar in our Local Center never serve snacks and drinks anymore.

    2. in my league, if the person doesn’t get the 5 pin, everyone with their hand up hits the person with their shoe

    1. I have so much respect for the way Barnes bowled in Jonesboro. He averaged 250 through the tournament and it’s unfortunate that Troup bowled a 290 against him. Mad respect for both bowlers and hope troups mom gets better

  2. You have to wear your striking shoes to win this year…. 300, 289 and 290 have been the winning scores in title matches so far. Monster games….

    1. 300 – Tommy Jones
      289 – Sean Rash
      290 – Kyle Troup
      280 – Kris Prather

      Man, those games have a load of Strike Frenzy

    1. Drummachine. Yeah but we knew Chris is gonna miss it cause when a Bowler “Groans* or say “Ugh” or “Ahh”, it’s not gonna be a great Shot.

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