2020 PBA Jonesboro Open Highlights

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Special double upload for you guys today! I personally found this telecast much more entertaining than the Oklahoma Open.

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26 Comments on “2020 PBA Jonesboro Open Highlights”

    1. @Bowling Planet i think that , that.s just funny. But congratulations for this videos , 2 in the same time that was great.

  1. The pin is actually…gonna..uh…slightly….hanging off the l…edge of the lane

    -Randy Peterson 2020


    1. Jason Lee But it still counts as a 0 cause the ball will fell in the gutter first before hitting a pin.

  2. This is a great channel for bowling content.

    Brad and Kyle for BTS
    bosoares for full matches
    Bowling Planet for compilations

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Barnes lose his cool the way he did with Johnson. That mouth made him mad as hell!

    1. I don’t think it was about him being mad as much as it was just him feeding off of his opponents energy and intensity, and basically one-upping him. If you noticed, he tapped AJ’s shoulder with an open hand after he said that.

  4. Happy for Troup that he was able to win a title before his mom passed away. Beautiful moment for him and her!

  5. The “LETS GO IM BACK BABY” and the “YOURE BACK IM STILL HERE!” was so cringey but hilarious😂. Awesome video as always

  6. AJ Johnson: LET’S GO, I’M BACK BABY !

    Chris Barnes: YOU’RE BACK I’M STILL HERE !

    Me: At 5:24, you’re gone AJ

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