2020 PBA League 5 of 6 | Semifinals | Full PBA Bowling Telecast

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The semifinals of the 2020 PBA League feature the Portland Lumberjacks (Wes Malott, Kyle Troup, Kris Prather, Packy Hanrahan, Martin Larsen) vs. Brew City Ballers (Sean Rash, Ryan Ciminelli, Dick Allen, Chris Sloan, Zeke Bayt) and Las Vegas High Rollers (François Lavoie, AJ Johnson, Andrew Anderson, Richie Teece, Ildemaro Ruiz) vs. Dallas Strikers (Norm Duke, Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill, Brad Miller, Nick Pate).

Originally aired on FS1 September 29, 2020 from Bowlero Centreville in Centreville, Virginia.

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21 Comments on “2020 PBA League 5 of 6 | Semifinals | Full PBA Bowling Telecast”

  1. If the oil pattern is not the one by Mark Roth, i throw a hizzy fit and leave in a hurry. When i bowl, i really bowl.

  2. I wondered…, do the pros calculate about 1/2 the hook, with spare ball? Such as, how many boards to look at, for certain spare combos, and buckets…?

  3. Teece throwing an Alpha Jackal on this pattern is odd. Also looks like he surfaced it with polish, why polish a solid stock instead of just throwing a pearl?

  4. Look people these masks are absolutely pointless I mean they are on off on off all day and no one is distancing. Time to just get rid of the whole concept already it’s insanity.

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