2020 PBA League All-Star Clash

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NOTE: Rounds 2 and 3 were cut due to an editing error. I messed up badly but you can watch Rounds 2 and 3 here: . Sorry guys!

For the first time ever, the PBA is bringing together 12 of the biggest names in bowling, from veteran Hall of Famers to rising stars from both the men and women’s Pro Tours, to compete in the special team edition PBA League All-Star Clash.

The players competing in the PBA League All-Star Clash, in the order they will bowl each round are as follows:
Norm Duke, Dallas Strikers, 40 PBA titles
Dom Barrett, Philadelphia Hitmen, 8 PBA titles
Walter Ray Williams Jr., Brooklyn Styles, 47 PBA titles
Chris Barnes, Silver Lake Atom Splitters, 19 PBA titles
Francois Lavoie, Las Vegas High Rollers, 4 PBA titles
Liz Johnson, Phoenix Fury, 24 PWBA titles
Pete Weber, NYC KingPins, 37 PBA titles
EJ Tackett, Motown Muscle, 13 PBA titles
Wes Malott, Portland Lumberjacks, 10 PBA titles
Jason Belmonte, L.A.X, 25 PBA titles
Sean Rash, Brew City Ballers, 16 PBA titles
Danielle McEwan, Miami Waves, 5 PWBA titles
0:00 Intro
2:44 Round 1
Round 2 –
Round 2 Roll-Off 1 –
Round 2 Roll-Off 2 –
Round 2 Roll-Off 3 –
Round 3 –
13:58 Round 4
19:20 Round 5
24:20 Round 5 Roll-Off
30:00 Round 6
35:17 Round 7
38:57 Round 7 Roll-Off
40:43 Round 8
43:43 Round 9
46:12 Round 9 Roll-Off 1
48:16 Round 9 Roll-Off 2
50:33 Round 9 Roll-Off 3
52:36 Round 10
54:14 Round 10 Roll-Off
56:41 Round 11
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26 Comments on “2020 PBA League All-Star Clash”

  1. Rounds 2 and 3 were cut due to an *EDITING* error. I apologize in advance as there was nothing I could do about it!

    EDIT: It was NOT a recording error. I literally just cut Rounds 2 and 3 out without realizing it. They will uploaded to a separate unlisted video which will be linked in a card and in the description!

  2. Hope you bowling fans appreciate the amount of talent past & present gathered at one place and time as I do.

  3. Even though Portland isn’t my favorite team, it’s always great watching and seeing Tim Mack when he’s happy or excited. Great man

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