2020 PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Fury – Carter Division

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What an amazing match between the Atom Splitters and the Fury. Probably the most intense match of the 2020 PBA League thus far!

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27 Comments on “2020 PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Fury – Carter Division”

  1. Although the Silver Lake team has many of my fav bowlers….. Used to live there and there is no bowling alley and nobody bowls there. It’s more a kind of place for older men who enjoy the company of other men and where you spend 30mins to go 1mile in the car sometimes.

  2. RIP jim Kent Marshall your an amazing bowling and great person and randy to cry shows just how great you are I see a title around the corner for your dad keep grinding that’s what he would of wanted

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