2020 PBA Oklahoma Open Highlights

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2020 Jonesboro Open MOMENTS coming out tomorrow! All videos from here on out until the end of the 2020 PBA season will be telecast moments.

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28 Comments on “2020 PBA Oklahoma Open Highlights”

    1. He had one major flaw with it, his form was one of the best and it was good however you could tell just looking at his follow through when it was a good or bad shot

  1. Pretty impressed with the way that Rash was able to consistently hit the half board on the right lane and always made the shot to get the ball back into the pocket. The shot was there, and he certainly has the skill to execute the shot. But Rash has always tended to get overexcited in the past in many big moments, and I half expected him to put one or two shots in the right gutter on that lane because he was playing so far outside. But give him credit. Half those balls were sitting halfway in the gutter but he always had the focus to pull them off. good win for him.

  2. I just noticed on Brad Millers solid nine the ball actually slid the nine pin over to the right slightly. So the ball actually did hit the nine pin and only slid it over about somewhere close to half an inch. Wow that’s robbery right there.

  3. 1:29 Did I see a unicorn or Jesper using reactive? Whichever it was it was the first time I have ever seen it

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