2020 PBA Players Championship Highlights

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Sorry for the late upload! I hope this video makes up for it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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23 Comments on “2020 PBA Players Championship Highlights”

  1. Man, this had to be the best event of 2020 so far. Whats gonna happen today in the US Open, cause Anthony Simonsen can make history becoming the youngest player in the PBA to win 3 majors

  2. So happy for O’Neill getting his 2nd major. He’s a very consistent and hardworking bowler along these years, with great bowling in television, but always get a bad break in a decisive moment or a final against someone who just bowls a superb game and defeats him.

    If he had 7 in that final ball, it would have been heartbreaking. He definitely should have more titles in the pocket if the bad breaks haven’t punished him.

  3. この人達がイージーミス沢山するってどんだけ難しいねん

  4. こんなレーンで投げたらストレスやばそう

  5. I freakin’ adore bowling. Can’t wait til the lanes open back up after ‘Vid as gone bye-bye for good.

    1. ​@b I mean he said cross lane before the pin came out so if he just said cross lane because the pin went across the pit thats kinda stupid

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