2020 PBA Playoffs | Quarterfinals | Full PBA Playoffs Bowling Telecast 5 of 6

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The 2020 PBA Playoffs quarterfinals feature Jason Belmonte vs. François Lavoie, Anthony Simonsen vs. Kris Prather, Bill O'Neill vs. Kyle Troup and Brad Miller vs. Tom Smallwood.

Originally aired on FS1 November 8, 2020 from Bowlero Centreville in Centreville, Virginia.

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34 Comments on “2020 PBA Playoffs | Quarterfinals | Full PBA Playoffs Bowling Telecast 5 of 6”

    1. Rob Stone cannot do the pandemic edition because of fans not being there & if he doesn’t get what he wanted, then who else does it? Marshall Holman? I heard Rob when ESPN had him in 2008. Don’t get me wrong when his words “hambone” “get it messenger” & fans can’t get enough of his rowdy commentary. Him & Randy were good on FOX from last year.

    2. @Rein Negroni I heard on an Instagram post from Tom Daugherty that he can’t wait to see his boy (Rob Stone 😂) cause probably Rob Stone will be commentating for the 2021 Players Championship in the South side.

  1. All the bowlers are great tonight! Here’s my final bracket:

    Belmonte – Lavoie: Tie game or Belmonte.
    Simonsen – Prather: Simonsen!

    O’Neill – Troup: Of course O’Neill. Troup is great too.
    Smallwood – Miller: Smallwood for sure!

    edit: LET’S GO! Belmo! Simo!
    Edit 2: I wish i played some lottery or somethin! 4 out of four! PERFECT BRACKET! hahahahah

  2. 5:43 Wait a second! Lavoie is holding TREND! I saw a ”BELMO” sign on the ball! Oh wait, he did the 300 game with Trend.
    *SILLY ME!* xD

  3. Belmo: Trip 7-10, Brooklyn, trip 4 pin..and let’s not forget Randy with his constant drooling over him per usual 🙄

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