2020 PBA Playoffs | Round of 16 | Left Bracket | Full PBA Playoffs Bowling Telecast 2 of 6

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The 2020 PBA Playoffs resume with Round of 16 action on the left side of the bracket, featuring Jason Belmonte vs. Jakob Butturff, Sean Rash vs. François Lavoie, Anthony Simonsen vs. Dick Allen and Kris Prather vs. Marshall Kent.

Originally aired on FOX October 17, 2020 from Bowlero Centreville in Centreville, Virginia.

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26 Comments on “2020 PBA Playoffs | Round of 16 | Left Bracket | Full PBA Playoffs Bowling Telecast 2 of 6”

  1. Jakob butturff has a weird bowling style he doesn’t slide is right foot at all my dad use to bowl lefty to but not like Jakob butturff

    1. @b What? He used the crap out of the Pro-Motion during one of the PBA Leagues. I think these recent shows had pretty tricky patterns out there, which would explain the Urethane.

    2. @Chris Haney ah you’re right lol, he even threw the Trend for a frame or two during this year’s pba league. But yeah! it’s nice to see him getting a few wins with urethane, not sure why but I really miss seeing him dominate with reactive.

    3. Storm just likes to hawk balls to all the “house” bowlers in a way that seems everyone should have it.

  2. Lavoie reminds me of Tony Westlake from years ago. Westlake was to me a very underrated player. He was tough, did not have much emotion, and bowled great in just about every condition. Lavoie is the same. He is a very good bowler, can bowl in many conditions, and keeps emotions at bay. Very classy bowler with a great future out there.

  3. Belmo said “that wasn’t your best shot” when he left the 5 pins up in the 1st game. Not “That was my best shot”

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