2020 PBA Tournament of Champions Highlights

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For those that aren't aware already, all videos until the end of the 2020 PBA Season will be telecast moments!

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28 Comments on “2020 PBA Tournament of Champions Highlights”

    1. Justin does Directv foreign disc and windows videos I think he did on mistake. No way he tried to say 2020 EDIT: He did say 2020, and it was just an edit jump by Bowling Planet

    2. That Lottery Soundtrack was just like commercials from the 1980’s. Let’s pretend that someone took that lottery code from February 9, 2001 and trolled that over Fox and the PBA Telecast.

  1. I’m so happy for Prather he obviously works so hard and never gives up and is going to be a major contender on the PBA

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