2020 PBA US Open Highlights

Sorry for the late upload again! I'll try my best not to have it happen again!

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  1. Imagame (sorry if I misspelled that, my English isnt good) if Pennsylvania lottery would have ruined Belmo’s celebration xd

  2. *my mouth is really dry*

    edit: I didn’t expect this many likes and replies so tysm and i really did NOT expect to get a reply from the world’s best bowler himself, Jason Belmonte. 🙂

    *my mouth is still dry*

    1. @Jason Belmonte Woah, hello Belmo, the #1 bowler in the world. Honestly didn’t expect to see you here, but welcome to Bowling Planet’s channel. 🙂 Congratulations on winning the US Open for your 12th Major and the Super Slam. I have been a #TeamBelmo fan for a few years now, since I saw you on Dude Perfect’s channel, and since then, I really wish I can meet you in person after the whole Covid-19 pandemic situation is over (which probably won’t be for a long while).

      By the way, great to see you and your beautiful family doing well. 😊 I personally believe that Bowling Planet is one of the all-time best Bowling channels ever. Also, I’ve been wondering if after Covid, you’ll hopefully be able to convert the 4th televised 7-10 conversion, since it’s hasn’t happened since 1991, or even the 2nd televised Big 4 as well if possible. I also checked out your YouTube channel for a while, and your latest Belmo show streams are amazing, especially my personal favourite, the “Bowling vs Pool Trick Shots” vid from over 4 years ago. 😊 Anyway, please stay safe, and see you later. 😊👍❤️🎳🎳❤️👍😊

      *Edit: My mouth is STILL dry to this day.*

  3. Keep doing this content man, i’m italian and i play bowling. I can’t Watch game on TV and your channel Is my must every day. Thanks a lot

  4. That zoom in on Jason’s face when he’s screaming “YESSSS” makes me laugh every time I watch it

  5. Sorry for the late comment. Anyway, I’m happy that Jason Belmonte completed the Super Slam, with an insane 3-6-9-10 clutch at the end. Brilliant video, Bowling Planet.

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