2020 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB XI)

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The stepladder finals of the 2020 PBA World Championship feature Jason Belmonte, EJ Tackett, Anthony Simonsen, François Lavoie and Chris Via.

Originally aired live on FS1 March 15, 2020 from South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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29 Comments on “2020 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals (WSOB XI)”

    1. @It’s CoreX don’t even remind me. The process of getting going again is always so difficult. Its sad because in my life span I am 20 right now, and leading up to this pandemic I was rolling the ball the best I have ever rolled it, and now my progress is going to be set back. I am definitely going to look at the game differently when I get back

  1. belmos daughter is eating her boogers meanwhile in the background… his son looks like hes gonna be belmo 2.0 tho :O

  2. “Can’t wait time fly back home and quarantine for a couple of weeks, then share this with family”😬 A bit more than a couple of weeks😭😭😭

  3. I just miss playing bowling too but luckily i play bowling online on Bowling by Jason Belmonte

  4. Wow, my highest is 177. Couldn’t imagine a bowler like tackett getting that kind of score. Tuff loss but a good game by both.

    1. Gives you an idea of how tough the conditions are out there on tour. Sadly Tackett has been in a TV slump for the last year and a half too

  5. Did anybody notice that they gave Simonson a 9 when Jason belmonte left the 4 pin at 1:34:02

  6. The BEST EVER! Loved this tournament so much. The last game the announcers really put on the excitement and anticipation! Seeing Belmo’s family there and the joy and strength it gave him during such a grueling tournament was special beyond the normal joy at the end of the last match! You guys did a great job of making this so good for us watch, and a big thank you to all working for a great sporting event!!

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