41 Comments on “2021 KIA PBA Playoffs – Round of 16, Show 3”

    1. @Tierell Knight He is the greatest of all-time. He has won the most majors and did it in the least amount of time

  1. either it was really hot in there or Azcona likes to sweat. sweating like that would have me all sorts of messed up on a lane. he battled through it. amazing

  2. If they’re showing off the WWE belt then bowling should become full contact!! 🤣 jk

  3. Man that conclusion to Prather VS Tackett was rough. I feel bad for Prather especially since I was rooting for him. I am happy for EJ though since I wanted to see him win again. 😀 Thanks for uploading as always. 😀

    1. I don’t feel bad for him. There’s no better justice than when a player chokes multiple times after criticizing his opponent for “not being clutch”… That’s why you focus on your own game and execute to the best of your abilities instead of worrying about what other players are doing.

  4. God that Prather and Tackett match was just a mess i was gonna be happy with the outcome regardless

    1. Ej Tackett must remain the Jackal Ghost in Pba tour

      the only that he bowl well in Ghost
      when he used this ball the high chance of winning

    2. @J Yuen I dont think any bowler has ever been defined by a ball. And its not like he can use the same ball for every pattern. Thats not smart. It was just an off day. He had the right ball on the right pattern. Just didnt throw it very well. It happens to the best sometimes

  5. IF you guys liked this, wait until you see the next show…..I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat.. pick one bowler and cheer them on (Sam vs Jesper)

  6. All I can say is “Bowling is a brutal sport” after just watching today’s show. Prather getting bad breaks reminds me of Simonsen last week along with Chris Via. Chris and Prather left at least 5 or 6 ten pins both 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. EJ Tacket is the most erratic bowler on tour. With his power and rev rate you just never know what your going to get.

  8. Prather @ 1:25:00… “how could you be so bad?”.
    Prather @ 46:10… “I didn’t throw a ball until I got here” (in two weeks).
    Hmmm – could be a clue

  9. Honestly I’m starting to like Azcona, looking forward to see him more in the future

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