24 Comments on “2021 KIA PBA Playoffs – Round of 16, Show 4”

  1. Bowling Planet, keep going with these fresh telecasts uploads, and looking forward to your OG YouTube series hopefully soon. 🙂

  2. Bowling Planet you are my hero. I was just about to go to bed because I got off work an hour ago and saw you hadn’t posted this yet (which I totally woulda understood idk what time zone you are in so) and then here it is. get to watch some PBA before bed thank you so much!

  3. *17:40** 7-10 split after the front 7 seems brutal, but man Tom was so close to converting that!!*

  4. Tom and left at least 9 combined 10 pins. Geeeez that’s a lot to shoot at compared to how many they usually have. Also Jesper for a change threw reactive on tv.

  5. Sam Cooley throws a heater! It doesn’t look like it but he still has over 500 rpm! The mental strength he showed in that match was incredible!! The guy had serious POISE!

  6. i love TD’s “Can i get a Simo??” when asking for a rerack lmao. i hope Simo feels better man, this sport is very frustrating and he’s got a lot more on his plate than most do at his age. i can easily understand how much stress he’s going through and it’s hard to bottle it all the time. I can’t wait to see him win again!

    1. @noobwizard no but he said “it’s probably time to look for a new career” because he had a lot of shortcomings on tv this year. i doubt he’ll give up though. at least that’s my hope

  7. I have a secondary style that just like Tom and I only use it for 10 pins and it’s sooooo much fun to do, I normally bowl one handed

  8. @29:23 I can’t imagine how much of saliva that Sterner put at the sole of his shoe for 99 games, and the smell of it the next day😅😅😅

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