30 Comments on “2021 KIA PBA Playoffs – Round of 8, Show 1”

  1. I won’t be able to watch live next Saturday, so I hope for a quick upload like this so I can watch semis before the final πŸ™‚

  2. Kyle Troup is the joy of bowling! The pins will beat the devil out of it!

    1. Kyle Troup has the same flamboyant dressing style as his dad. But let’s face it: Guppy Troup was a fringe level pro who had loud clothes. Kyle is one of the best 5 bowlers on the planet right now. Who do you guys have as the top 5 bowlers this year? Is it sacrilege to say that Belmo has already seen the last of those days when he dominated the tour?

    1. Sure beats not being able to see this at all. Thanks again for making bowling accessible to those of us who don’t have cable.

    2. It’s also a good time to start announcing that I won’t be uploading telecasts for the 2022 season!

  3. Thank You Bowling Planet for putting this up so Quickly! Especially to us bowling fans that don’t have the channel, or couldn’t make it in time to watch it live on tv

  4. MANNNN That Lavoie vs O’Neill match was a rough one for both of them. I am LOVING this playoff format!

  5. Had the chance to talk to both Kyle and his dad while bowling the regional in SC this weekend. Absolutely wonderful human beings, the both of them! They didn’t have to, but they took the time to sit and talk to anyone who came up to them. Never once seemed bothered in the slightest. These have to be pre-recorded matches, though.. No way he was bowling the cashers round in SC at 9am then be out in Connecticut by noon the same day

  6. Lol man I love the fact that the pros are able to pull the ball back and be able to start over because I’m 6’7 and to be real that is not easy. It would take me a good while to get used to starting over and bringing the ball down πŸ’―

  7. Props to Kyle for bowling so well on Mother’s day after dealing with the loss of his mom. Also hilarious hearing Guppy pronounce Jesper Svensson “Jasper” lol

  8. Larsen really needed to be in a stronger ball it feels like. So many shots went high into the 3 pin.

  9. man that game 1 Lavoie vs O’Neill was the first time I think I’ve ever seen Lavoie visually frustrated. What a tough game.

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