28 Comments on “2021 KIA PBA Playoffs – Round of 8, Show 2”

  1. Probably almost broke the refresh button on my browser waiting for this video upload. Thank you Bowling Planet

  2. When Sam’s slug snaps out, you had to see in person how far in the air that ball went..

  3. I really need to quit watching these at 3 in the morning, but I don’t have the self control to turn it off

  4. Damn that’s tragic for TD after a 5/5 strike in the right lane to a bad break in the roll off

  5. Sorry for being a little bit late, this video went through some rough editing. You can clearly see the show switching back and forth between FS1 and FS2 lol, not to mention I heard people complaining that FS2 recordings had the show being spoiled because of the info bar at the bottom so I cropped it out!!

  6. I see a bunch of comments saying that someone doesnt deserve to win or compete. In my opinion, no one determines that besides the competitor. I dont know why people think they can say those kinds of things about people, but not even know how hard it is to compete with the best in the world. Thanks for the upload BP.👍

    1. Very true! It’s so difficult MENTALLY to get where all of these guys are at and just to compete on the tour. It’s not just physical. The brain is the biggest muscle involved here.

    2. My only gripe is the format, everyone that wins is more than deserving i just wish it was either 1 or 3 game matches, i dont like a 2 game match with 2 frames deciding the game but great point you made these guys worked hard to get to where they are.

  7. Not sure why but I used to hate on Azcona. Well not really hated on him. I would just typically root for the person he’s going against.
    Lately though I’ve been starting to root for Azcona instead. He’s just so damn clutch in tough situations it’s hard to not root for him.

  8. the Daugherty Cooley match was just frustrating for both sides all the way through. At least Cooley won in the end because imo he had a much better look and deserved it.

  9. Holy cow I thought Cooley was done for in the roll off! So excited to see him pull that off.

  10. bowling planet, i know you prob mentioned it before but why are you not going to be posting anymore telecasts?

    1. After the 2021 season, I’m going back to my regular videos like Dramatic Endings and Bad Breaks and stuff like that. It won’t bring as much subs but it’s because I feel like my older videos made my channel unique and stand out from the rest. Bosoares already handles telecast uploads, albeit he does take a little longer than I do. Now some people would say I should do both. The problem with that is, during the PBA season, telecasts normally air on weekends. I also happen to normally upload on weekends so I can’t do both at once. I also don’t wanna be known as the guy who killed bosoares lol

  11. Once Azcona nodded his head in game 1 i knew he was gonna destroy game 2. Azcona is a brilliant technician.

  12. I told Dave Ryan, I couldn’t stop laughing everytime he said Tampon Tom . Randy looked at me like I was insane.. but that’s all I could hear

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