14 Comments on “2021 KIA PBA Playoffs – Semifinals”

    1. @Brandon Moucatel this championship match is gonna be interesting. Can Troup come through or will the Aussie shut him down?

    2. @Yoshi 1726 Kyle Troup the afro dude vs Sam Cooley the underdog. I’m interested as well

  1. Pretty disappointed Lavoie lost, but was happy Sam Cooley won. I’m rooting for a Cooley tomorrow

    1. @Ryan Wong why’d you scroll down to the comments? its 2021 finish watching the video then go to the comments LOL

    2. Agreed. Troup has been on fire though and lavoie made a couple bad shots which made the difference. I’m not surprised that Cooley won though. Should be a great final match.

    3. @Anthony M Lavoie whiffed the 2-10 split twice in a row in Games 1 and 2, both in the 9th/foundation frames!!

  2. Is it just me, or do I feel like Rob Stone fits better with the Playoffs, rather than Dave Ryan?

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