2021 Kia PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals | Full PBA Bowling Telecast

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The stepladder finals of the 2021 Kia PBA Tournament of Champions feature Anthony Simonsen, Jason Belmonte, Jesper Svensson, Sean Rash and François Lavoie.

Originally aired live on FOX February 28, 2021 from Bowlero Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida.

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37 Comments on “2021 Kia PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals | Full PBA Bowling Telecast”

    1. Lavoie and Prather are the new monsters in disguise. They don’t have super high rev rates or ball speed, but when the money is on the line, both of them seem to be able to reach down and make really great shots to grab the win. Simonson is usually incredible as well so it was a shock to see him throw that ball through the nose for a 4-count, basically ending the match. Everyone is great at this level, but I think Lavoie and Prather have a quality of calmness that serves them particularly well in these TV matches.

  1. The last couple of tournaments I’ve watched were sans the face diapers, it seemed that sanity was returning. What happened here?

    1. Amen to this comment. If I was on the tour I would have stopped bowling rather than comply with the ridiculous, ineffective, and harmful “Covid” protocols.

    2. @Topnikko And we wouldn’t have missed you one bit.LOL.There are many amateurs waiting to make the show.And it’s quite a story when they do!

    3. @Boom slang LOL, god forbid you might want to bowl with someone who is principled and uncompromising. Rolling a ball 60 ft to knock over some objects is nowhere near as important as my kid’s futures.

    1. @Nate G. It’s pure theatre for the bowlers to be wearing masks up there when it’s their turn to be in tv match . If no one there bowling has Covid. Which I’m sure they don’t or they wouldn’t be there. It’s theatre. There are 10 people on a basketball court….trust me they are breathing a lot heavier and are a lot closer….masks? Last time I checked?….uh. No.

    2. @Nate G. also….you went from a frat house type crowd (before Covid) , to no crowd and wearing masks WHILE bowling. The people calling the shots at the PBA sure have covered the complete spectrum of lunacy

    3. @Casual Observer It’s genuinely theater to get upset about masks too, we’re both just pushing air through our lungs until we don’t. Being negative isn’t worth it, especially about something so small.

    4. @Casual Observer All of those people you lament wearing masks, are just trying to keep their jobs and survive in their dying sport. Being negative on top of that makes no sense and lacks respect for their trying to stay relevant.

    5. @Nate G. sir…..it’s not only theatre…..It’s ridiculous. I used to watch bowling religiously since 1970 or so….I wasn’t ever a pro, but I could have been had I chose to. I love bowling. I worked in a bowling alley as a kid. I know you have to change to keep up with the younger crowds….but this mask WHILE in the TV match is beyond silly. It’s clear by your obvious display of being pissed….you know I’m right. You’re probably frustrated with all this BS as well. Stop the madness. Let the kids bowl their matches mask free.

    1. A lot of Pro’s and “ All Star Bowlers” do that , especially when they miss something like a 10 pin!
      They are never capable of throwing a bad shot, must blame the approach!

    1. Why would it be? It’s rare to see a 1-5 spare leave, but to make it is child’s play for pros at this level. They just throw their normal strike ball and it will pick up the 1-5. Although it takes a particularly bad shot to leave a 1-5, with today’s very tricky oil patterns, it’s not that uncommon to see even a top pro throw a ball out to the gutter that just won’t come back, and you can leave that strange 1-5.

  2. Thank you for wearing masks and promoting health and concern for others. I wish all athletes were as caring about their communities and opponents.

    1. Wearing masks is nothing more than a training tool to teach sheeple like yourself to be compliant slaves. It has nothing to do with promoting health. In fact, breathing in your own exhaust is doing just the opposite.

    2. @Topnikko I am 100% certain you are already a consumer minded wage slave and are doing close to nothing about your circumstances. Try again.

    3. @Nate G. a wage slave perhaps but with an IQ high enough to know that self-induced hypoxia is not a good thing.

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