2021 PBA Chameleon Championship Eliminator Finals (WSOB XII) | Full PBA Bowling Telecast

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The eliminator finals of the 2021 PBA Chameleon Championship feature Jason Sterner, Jakob Butturff, Shawn Maldonado and Zach Weidman.

Originally aired live on FS1 March 16, 2021 from AMF University Lanes in Tampa, Florida.

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13 Comments on “2021 PBA Chameleon Championship Eliminator Finals (WSOB XII) | Full PBA Bowling Telecast”

    1. Can’t remember if it was the qualifier but I thought he mentioned this was a really old ball he pulled out of his arsenal to get some extra length on a tough pattern

  1. Shawn Maldonado and Jakob Butturff did face against each other in the title match of the 2016 Lubbock Sports Open

  2. So many switching over too that crap two handed style even Walter ray Williams jr. is bowling two handed on the senior tour

    1. If it works, it works. And just because you’re being rude, it’s “to” not “too.”

    2. Would be interesting to see any of the two handed guys participate in a tournament that is one handed only. It works but it looks weird as hell to me.

  3. I’m from Houston, TX and saw Shawn Maldonado at one of the tournaments, he’s awesome. Go Shawn! Woo!

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