2021 PBA Chameleon Championship – WSOB XII

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This show was televised on Fox Sports 1. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
The PBA World Series of Bowling XII begins this week in Tampa. Five PBA Tour titles—the PBA Cheetah Championship, PBA Chameleon Championship, PBA Scorpion Championship, PBA Roth/Holman Doubles and Guaranteed Rate PBA World Championship—will be on the line at AMF University Lanes. The qualifying and match play rounds will be streamed live on FloBowling, Mar. 7-17, and the stepladder finals will air Mar. 13-17, live on FOX Broadcast Channel (World Championship) and Fox Sports’ FS1 (all other events).

Source: PBA.com
0:00 – Intro
3:30 – 4-Man Match
30:54 – Break
35:52 – 3-Man Match
54:47 – Break
1:00:50 – Title Match
1:18:37 – Break
1:19:49 – Post-Match Interview
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31 Comments on “2021 PBA Chameleon Championship – WSOB XII”

  1. Had bowling league tonight and they didn’t even have this on on my side of the center. They had hockey on instead. Bowled 603 and I blame the TV being on wrong channel. 🤪

  2. the fact that Tom keeps apologising over that good break changed my perspective of him being a bad bowler to a very good sportsman bowler. congrats to the 1st time winners over the 2 days too ;d

    1. Belmo gets that kind of break and most people thinks he fkn deserves it. Tom getz it snd thats all i hearwhy is thT!!!!!??,

  3. Damn, I was hoping to see that 273 game, that would have been a super rarity let alone watch a pro leave and pick up the 1-2-3-4-5-7-8 spare 😆

    1. I think troup left s as me spare day or2 ago snd picked it up he was on 1 strike or 1st frame so it didntcost 2 much

  4. 1:08:35 bounced the 7 into the 10 pin spot after he opened the with 7-10 three frames ago, tough luck lol

    1. I feel like pros always get the corner pin to bounce to the other corner. It’s crazy how good these guys are. I have two sanctioned 300s (a lot of people have MANY more) and I don’t think I’ll ever pick up the 7-10

  5. Jakob is still a great sport. Must be tough coming 2nd as often as he has but he’s still a gent. Thanks again for all the uploads!

  6. Now I’m curious. Are these the Brunswick purple hammers or the Kentucky purple hammers they’re using?

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