2021 PBA Junior National Finals

This show was televised on Fox Sports 1. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
The first-ever PBA Jr. National Champions will be crowned when the PBA Jr. Finals conclude Sunday, Mar. 7 at noon ET on Fox Sports’ FS1. The winners of the boys and girls divisions will each earn $7,500 in SMART Scholarships for their future education.

The PBA Jr. National Championship began in September of 2020 with youth bowlers competing in five regions around the United States. The top 20 bowlers (two boys and two girls from each region) advanced to match play, held Feb. 20 in Jupiter, Fla. After 10 games of match play, the top seeds from each division (Robarge and Varano) advanced to the televised finals. Their opponents, Purches and Martin, advanced to the finals through a modified stepladder following match play.

Following the PBA Jr. National Championship Finals, PBA and PWBA professionals get involved in Pro/Jr. doubles competition. Two-time Roth/Holman PBA Doubles Champions Kyle Troup and Jesper Svensson will split up to battle with Troup teaming with Purches and Svensson siding with Robarge.
0:00 – Intro
4:11 – Girls Final
25:42 – Boys Final
46:51 – Girls Jr/Pro Doubles Match
57:12 – Boys Jr/Pro Doubles Match
1:09:25 – Break (WSOB XII Schedule)
1:10:28 – Jr/Pro Doubles Final
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47 Comments on “2021 PBA Junior National Finals”

    1. @Victor Bogen I figured too house shot no way they throwing 19mph ..on house shot I only throw 17-18mph

    2. Yeah some serious physical talent there, and no lack of power. Whould have made a great weight-lifter aswell I think? Still you cant help but admire a player like Clara that has manedged to make a name for herself with HOF credentials with out any speed/power/RPM worth mentioning, and nothing but acuracy, and precision through the pins. Couldent have been easy?

    3. Lot of places measure speed at diff areas guessing this is close to release, and depends in weights of balls

  1. We just gonna pass over the fact Jillian on her first ball drops a little f-bomb?! That was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Had to go back to find that😂😂 kids need to learn to hold back more then the big boys out there😂😂

  2. If only I could go back 7 years ago, and go thru the same motions as how well they bowled! Amazing talent from all 4 young guns!

  3. I understand Purches lost his 1 v 1 but I really want to see this kid on tour he’s got the best attitude I’ve ever seen from a bowler.

    1. nate has got to be one of the best bowlers I have ever beaten. if he can prevent himself from getting fried he’s a god

    2. @Tanner Patrick There are some youth that haven’t, you are right. Also, if he is in one of many competitive programs for youth, even up to the collegiate level, and is caught with controlled substance, or even alcohol, he can be suspended from the program. I have seen these policies enforced firsthand.

  4. Never seen a junior bowler as professional as Robarge, he’s experienced, calm, and I’m sure he’ll be on tour

    1. @Kyle Pranger yea they have a program now called the evolution staff program where it recognizes good bowlers who represent well in all bowling tournaments, are involved in community service, and have exceptional grades. But in storm’s defense how can you blame them? I know Nate personally but Spencer is just scary good and Jillian is as well

  5. 1:23:45 I love how they threw in the “Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop” in reference to the ‘shimmy’… classic 😂

  6. Soo we just gonna ignore the “oh F***” from Jillian on the First ball??? Lol. Don’t worry bout it Jillian, I say that after EVERY ball I throw.

    1. “oh F***” is part of the bowling language. If, in my wildest of dreams, I ever bowl a PBA event on TV, i will hold the record in being fined! LoL

  7. What would have been fun is for the finals they swapped the genders, so that the female junior bowled with Troup and had purches bowl with Guerrero.

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