2021 PBA Players Championship Finals

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This show was televised on FOX Network. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
The 2021 PBA Tour season begins with the PBA Players Championship. For the first time in PBA history, five regional events will take place across the country, with PBA bowlers competing for the top five spots in their respective regional finals.

The winners of each event will compete in the PBA Players Championship Finals live on FOX Broadcast Channel, Sunday, Feb. 21.
0:00 – Intro
5:42 – Match 1
23:42 – Break (PBA Season Info)
25:40 – Match 2
48:45 – Match 3
1:12:45 – Final Match
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31 Comments on “2021 PBA Players Championship Finals”

  1. You could tell Simo was just thinking “Don’t kick the ball return. Don’t kick the ball return. DONT KICK THE F***ING BALL RETURN.”

    1. @DawgsDelight at the end of the first match when Simonsen made a few bad shots. You know, based on his past, that he REALLY wanted to break something

    2. @M NGUYEN yep he’s the bad boy of bowling for a reason. He’s been fined a bunch for things not on national TV. I dont think he cares about the fine but I think he was controlling himself on national TV

    1. @Jeremy he placed about 20th in his region so he didn’t move onto the regional finals which therefore couldn’t make him eligible for this finals

  2. I’m sure it was accidental. But Allen beat Smallwood when he spilled that drink all over the floor. Smallwood was locked in before that water spill, and you could see he was scared of his footing after that. We’ve all bowled in leagues and tournaments, and when you have it going you just want to concentrate on hitting your target, having that good release, etc. If your attention is now on whether you’re going to get stuck with your slide, it changes everything and you could be done. In the 9th frame Smallwood almost threw the ball into the right gutter. I feel really bad for him. The only analogy I can think of is an MMA fighter getting kicked in the groin when he was winning. He “recovers”, but is never the same afterwards. What a shitty way for Smallwood to lose.

    1. Hahaha yes it was accidental….Listen we’ve all bowled in league where drunken bowlers would rather drink then bowl…..Allen grabbed the bottle from the lid and i guess it wasn’t secured tight enough. I understand why he did that he didn’t want to get any moisture on his throwing hand which makes sense….Was Tom unnerved with this?….Well let me ask you this when somebody drops a beverage in your bowling area doesn’t it make you get your mind off of bowling and worried about breaking yer neck…..Stuff happens especially with drunken bowlers….lol

  3. THANKYOU [ Bowling Planet ] you made my sunday!!! I wasn’t able to watch the show on fox. I got to enjoy this on YOUTUBE// Thanks to you. I subscribed.👍👍

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