2021 PBA Players Championship – South Region Finals

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This show was televised on Fox Sports 1. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
The 2021 PBA Tour season begins with the PBA Players Championship. For the first time in PBA history, five regional events will take place across the country, with PBA bowlers competing for the top five spots in their respective regional finals.

The winners of each event will compete in the PBA Players Championship Finals live on FOX Broadcast Channel, Sunday, Feb. 21.
0:00 – Intro
5:21 – Match 1
24:42 – Match 2
43:32 – Match 3
1:02:38 – Break
1:06:58 – Final Match
1:25:10 – Post-Match
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32 Comments on “2021 PBA Players Championship – South Region Finals”

    1. @Big Baller I’m in Astoria and we never see ice 🧊 only snow ❄️ every few years. Boy did we get our fill of ice this year. Hopefully a great championship and power next week.

    1. Well SPOILER ALERT!!! 📢
      But it’s okay; who wins doesn’t really matter to me anyways. Just like watching good bowling

    1. And of course Randy; thinking he knows everything about bowling, gives a BS analysis again. It was a bad rack; you can see it in the replay. If the pin was in the correct place it would have just been a 7

  1. I was gonna crash my phone!
    LITERALLY! I was so mad at that 7-9 split. If it wasn’t there, Jesper could do a 300 game.

    But congrats, Allen. And good job, Ice Man Svensson. They are both my favorite players like Belmo, Troup, Daughtery, Duke and Simonsen.

    Edit: I am so hyped for next week!
    We will have…

    The Baby Faced “Beast” Simonsen!
    Canadian 300 Game Wonder Lavoie
    The Bro, Fish with ‘fro Troup
    Mechanic of Bowling Smallwood
    And, The Champ of People, Allen!

    1. @Mitzelnation 78 Rob and Randy are both cringe. We need bowlers like Norm Duke to be announcing matches. Humble and not “know it all’s”

    2. When he called him “Mr. 100”, that kind of pissed me off tbh. How many years ago was that? Can he live that down already? Tom is a good bowler.

  2. Ritchie is the man!!!! An amazing bowler and a scratch golfer. Very few know that but the man could play on the PGA Tour as well if he wanted to go that route. Bowling is his passion though and it sure showed in his performance today!

    1. Ikr? So unprofessional!! Kind of cringe worthy. “Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, except Tom”!! Savage!!

    2. Rob needs to go. He doesnt bring anything witty or entertaining anymore. Its not like he is Kimberly Pressler or anything.

    3. @mpup54 I noticed he was replaced today don’t know if he was absent or permanently absent I found it ironic

  3. Again, these scores are bizarrely high for a major tournament. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good shots, but also several not so good ones and it’s clear when it happens. tbh I like a slower scoring pace. Strike-fests on comfortable patterns are not interesting to me.

  4. As someone who doesn’t have tv (we just use Netflix and stuff) you uploading so quickly makes you the real MVP!! Thank you! PBA YouTube channel will upload this in 2024 😅

  5. Tom easily bowled the best he has on TV in a long while. He was very consistent. Bummed he didn’t move on.

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