2021 PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship – WSOB XII

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This show was televised on Fox Sports 1. The USBC, PBA, and Fox own all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have that channel available and would like to watch the show.
Daugherty will either be looking to win his third or fourth career PBA Tour title, depending on the results of tomorrow’s Guaranteed Rate PBA World Championship title match. Moore is seeking his second career title.

No. 2 seeds EJ Tackett and Marshall Kent have finished as the runners-up twice in this event in the past four years, including last season. Tackett and Kent battled with Daugherty and Moore for the top spot all day, eventually falling in the final frame of match play to take the second seed.

Third seeds Andrew Anderson and Kris Prather finished fourth in the 2020 PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship. Anderson, a two-time champion and Prather, a three-time champion, each have one major title to their names.

The opening match on the stepladder will be a battle between the last two teams to win the event. Seeded fourth are 2019 PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship winners Matt Ogle and Sean Rash, who won four matches to win the 2019 title and will need as many wins to claim the title on Sunday.

The fifth spot went to defending champions Jesper Svensson and Kyle Troup. The duo, who also won the event in 2017, needed two strikes and eight pins in the final frame of match play to retain the fifth position ahead of Dino Castillo and Sean Lavery-Spahr. Troup rolled two strikes and got nine on his fill ball to seal the win and give his team a chance to win the event for a third time.

Source: PBA.com
0:00 – Intro
4:45 – Match 1
22:49 – Break (PBA Playoffs Update)
28:30 – Match 2
52:29 – Match 3
1:08:52 – Break (Time Filler)
1:10:26 – Final Match
1:25:53 – Post-Match
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41 Comments on “2021 PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship – WSOB XII”

    1. @Ironfangzu now Prather is locked in and such a determined player. Definitely rooting for a great career for him

    2. @sablandavid There are players who maybe average higher than Prather on the tour. But if I were one of the top half dozen pros on the planet, I wouldn’t want to come up on the TV finals and see Prather on the other side. He’s a stone cold killer these days.

    3. @Ironfangzu I think the other person I’d be afraid to play is the one who won Cheetah against Prather lol. Cooley looks like he want to F up those ringing 10s 😂

  1. Thanks for the upload as always. Shame that YouTube recommended me the FOX video where they just spoiled the winner in the title lol

    1. Personally, I go the extra mile and click the “Not interested” option so you don’t get anymore videos from FOX!

    2. First of all, thank you for the quick uploads. Second, how do you turn off videos from Fox or PBA?I hate spoiler thumbnails.

    3. @RICH CIRUELAS The next time you see a video from them on your recommendation, click on the three dots on the video. Then click “Not interested” or if there’s an option to stop showing videos from their channel entirely, click that!

  2. Thanks again! Could only watch the first 3 matches live. I shall watch the finals now! Best bowling channel on YouTube!

  3. Andrew Anderson and Kris Prather tripping everything in the building! My goodness, talk about getting all the breaks!

    1. yep thats the second F bomb in two tournaments .. this one and the juniors with Jillian Martins first shot she said oh F…… wonder if they got their fines

  4. You should do a video where you mix lucky strikes with bad breaks, so we do not know which one is coming.

  5. Perfect example to never give up. If troup wouldve made that 2-4-5, and/jesper struck out. Kris and Andrew wouldnt have had the chance to win in all. Even when Kris started he looked defeated. Never give up

  6. At the league last year it was great seeing Andrew bowling so well, and with him here it is great seeing him get another title.

    1. You’ve been locked up at home with Covid. Kimberly is hot anyway but by this time Danny Trejo is probably looking kinda good to you, lol

  7. ogle reminds me of the man in the yellow hat curious george’s dad hes just missing his yellow hat

  8. i’ve gained do much motivation for bowling. i’m not good at it at all with my thin arms, but one day i’d get into it. it seems like such fun! 🙂

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