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  1. Yessir Having a few drinks looking for something to watch. This came up much respect πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ

  2. Hi bowling planet! I made it to junior gold And I was wondering if when it is finished you could make a video on it

  3. love how dave ryan kept saying they were taking a break, no dave, they were waiting for the rack. that right lane looked tough and it really killed the flow for packy and maybe even marshall. Tried doing this doing practice once and after about 8 shots i was done. got 7 though in 2 minutes, most after I slowed down. but we rented 4 lanes, so the racks were always ready for a shot.

    1. Dave Ryan is a terrible caster.. I don’t think much else needs to be said about it. Dave Lamont was infinitely better and I miss him.

  4. The real question is when is skills challenge returning? Thank you for posting this i missed it live!

  5. Thanks for putting this up!!! Had a bad migraine and dont recall nuttin after Kyle Troop…I hate missing bowling so big props to U!!!

  6. I feel like just having it at 2 lanes hurts the bowlers because the lane machines can’t keep up. They need to change it either to 4 lanes or have it be like a legit home run derby and be the most strikes out of 10 or 12

  7. I just don’t understand why they would have the tie breaker be ball speed ?? Makes no sense to me , anyways thanks for the upload as always BP you’re the real MVP

    1. I agree on this. Making a tiebreaker ball speed is like punishing for style. Something that makes more sense for a tiebreaker could be related to lowest pinfall so that a very errant shot is extra punishing, or highest percent strikes of attempts made. But ball speed is a lazy tiebreaker.

  8. Norm Duke is a BEAST and one of my favorite bowlers. I wish Tommy Jones was on there as well but oh well still was a great show πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜€

  9. That’s unusual where Packy had to wait for his bowling balls to return. That usually doesn’t happen too much with the pros

  10. Two things are for sure: Duke always delivers and Kent always needs a little more practice.

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