2021 PBA Tour Season Highlights | Sam Cooley

Highlights from Sam Cooley's 2021 season, during which he won the PBA Cheetah Championship for his first PBA Tour title and bowled the 31st televised perfect game in PBA history during the race-to-three-points championship match of the PBA Playoffs.

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6 Comments on “2021 PBA Tour Season Highlights | Sam Cooley”

  1. love Sam Cooley. Very modest guy. He happened to be at the bowling alley i go to by my house and got some good advice from him on bowling and got a picture taken with him. Got to talk to him about winning the cheetah championship. love it!

  2. Sams got a Solid game with great fundamentals and a Calm misdemeanor, I see a lot more wins in his future. He has a lot of the same Characteristics of the late Great Mark Roth! ✅

  3. Is Cooley a cranker or power stroker? I’m leaning towards power stroker, as his deliver my reminds me of Pete Weber’s technique. Can someone more experienced in this matter chime in?

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