2021 PBA Tour Season Highlights | Shawn Maldonado

Highlights from Shawn Maldonado's 2021 season, during which he won his first two PBA Tour titles.

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7 Comments on “2021 PBA Tour Season Highlights | Shawn Maldonado”

  1. Shawn Maldonado is actually my coach for when I have lessons. He made me change my game so much by making me hit my target consistently on my strike shot and even my spares like 10 pins, drifting a certain number of boards consistently, rolling the ball more, and keep a calm attitude after a shot like for example, I leave a 6-10 on my 1st shot, I’m like “alright, pretty makeable”, but I just get the 10 pin, I open and I just shake it off and move on to the next frame instead of getting frustrated. Probably the best to ever coach me in my home center and a great friend. You’re the best Shawn.

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