2021 PWBA BowlTV Classic Stepladder Finals

Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 PWBA BowlTV Classic in Arlington, Texas. The finals took place Aug. 10 at the International Training and Research Center and broadcast live on BowlTV.com.

The stepladder finalists included Jillian Martin, Verity Crawley, Bryanna Coté, Birgit Noreiks and Jordan Richard.

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25 Comments on “2021 PWBA BowlTV Classic Stepladder Finals”

    1. @Aine Lawler Bullcrap that’s bush league and you no that. You ruin the video for the people that want to watch the video if you know the winner there no point in watching. Your doing the bowlers a great disservice by doing that.

  1. Jordan Richard, Birgit Noreiks, Bryanna Cote, Verity Crawley, and Jillian Martin had incredible Bowling experience in the ITRC Bowling Center in Arlington, Texas

    1. @Aine Lawler that’s not what I’m talking about, what I mean is that she’s been in the final match like 3-4 times this year and hasn’t won once.

  2. Jillian you are amazing to watch these pro bowlers better watch out congratulations on your win 🏆 👏

  3. Jillian is superb bowler! Her approach and release reminds me somewhat of E.J. Tackett. Way to go Jillian!

  4. Reminds me of the roll and hand of Pete Weber and Amleto Monacelli. Spare ball of Norm Duke. Highest quality of delivery. I think in college she will be keeping her trail leg on the floor. That’s the only thing I see. In the interview, she mentioned quality practice. For me, that means getting a ball to look right, then switching to a different ball, and working on being able to predict the ball motion of ball #2 while throwing ball #1. I’ve also never used a spare ball, and throw dead straight at almost everything, to take the lane condition out of the spares.

  5. Both Kelly and Birgit mentioned marking the approaches to help count the boards left of the dots. I can’t imagine the center would allow them to do that. Bizarre thing to hear.

    1. This was extremely common and no big deal years back. Players would get a regular #2 pencil and put a light “X” at boards 35, 40, and 45 if they had to get in that deep. Easily erasable. Don’t see that happening much anymore.

    2. Wow. That is just crazy to me. I’ve been bowling my whole life and I’m no stranger to getting way left, but I would never even think of doing that.

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